Our organic farm

We operate our farm as a sideline job.
The peasant work is one of the most substantial and therefore one of the most responsible operations in human life.

The peasant work, on the one hand the cultivation of land and forest and on the other hand the fosterage of farm animals, helps to maintain our environment and culture. Therefore peasant work creates locations for recreation, nourishes the society with biological products,... .
We try to conduct our work in harmony with nature and we try not to use chemicals and synthetical additives. Not mass-production is our goal, we strive to create high quality and biological products.

We foster our animals species-appropriate, which results in their higher well-being. We don't produce any crops on our fields, all we cultivate is the grass for the food of our animals.

We support nature`s variety…

… with organic farming. Furthermore we try to help the bees, bumblebees and other insects around. They can find their meal on our butterfly-and-bees-stations in front of the house. Please do not collect the flowers – it`s their dish!

Own water source

The drinking water on our farm has its source in our own forest (governmental examination), our heating uses only wood chips (produced from wood of our forest), therefore we strive to be very independent.

own water source / water supply

Please taste our drinking water from our own water source. Forget about buying water bottles – we offer you water of high quality for free!



Organic products

Our chickens enjoy a life with space, fresh air and green grass. Ask your children to collect their eggs together with the farmers. Enjoy these fresh organic eggs from happy chicken at your breakfast!

In spring and late autumn we offer you the possibility to drink some fresh raw milk from our ladies. After the many herbs in the mountains, their milk is high quality! Our ladies belong to an endangered species.

Try the different fruits that grow at farm Steinerbauer. You also do have the possibility to fish in the Steinerbauer`s lake and enjoy some fresh fish.

Visit the agriculture markets with regional products every week (friday in Altenmarkt and Radstadt)

animals are our friends

Our animals supply us products. Nevertheless we keep them as our friends and also treat them like our friends. The positive communication between human and animals is the most important thing.

Respect nature

waste separation

We do have a strictly waste separation system in Austria.
We would be happy to help you separate your waste.

organic cleaning products

In your kitchen you will find organic, nature-friendly cleaning products. Your rooms are cleaned with nature-friendly cleaning products for your health and nature`s health. We would be happy if you could avoid poisonous products.

how to avoid plastics

… drink our perfect drinking water directly out of the tape. That`s how you can avoid plastic bottles.

… use a paper bag or a linen bag for shopping. Ask family Steinerbauer, they will be happy to give you a bag.

… you won`t need extra plastic bags for your garbage. Just separate your waste regularly.